Yin Yoga Teacher Training

with Michelle Finch, assistant to Paul & Suzee Grilley

About the Training

Exalt's Yin Yoga Teacher Training offers a well-rounded experience for anyone to deepen their practice, teaching and overall experience of knowledge. Through a balanced curriculum students are given the opportunity to explore beyond the asana and into the areas of the body and mind that make yoga unique for every body. 


General Training

This program creates space for exploration and study in the Yin tradition, the complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic and invigorating yoga styles that are predominant today. Throughout the various modules we will explore:

Foundations for the Body 

Experience the practice of Yin Yoga, Muscular, Fascial & Skeletal Anatomy, Human Variation Anatomy

Foundations for the Mind

Consists of mindfulness and open awareness drawn from Yogic, Taoist and Buddhist psychological teachings

Foundations for Teaching Yin

Asana, variation & modifications, sequencing and Functional Yoga (14-10-7) techniques all to build a strong foundation to confidently teach Yin Yoga

Foundations of Philosophy

The history of the Yin yoga practice, teachers who have played a role in modern Yin yoga as well as the  philosophies that inform this style of yoga

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Courses

50hr - Yin Foundations and Lower Body Anatomy

$599 (virtual) / $749 (in-person)


Dives deep into the primary principles of Yin yoga theory, asana, teaching methodology and sequencing and lower body anatomy (feet to pelvis).

2020 Dates: VIRTUAL - Oct. 21-25, 2020 - Wed. thru Sun. 9:00a-6:00p EST

VIRTUAL - Feb. 19-21 & 26-28, 2021 - Fri. 5:30p-9:30p | Sat. & Sun. 9:00a-6:00p EST

Lead Teacher : Michelle Finch

50hr - Yin-Yang Qi Cultivation and Torso Anatomy

$599 (virtual) / $749 (in-person)


Fundamentals of the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian theory, location of energy sinews & their connection to Yin Yoga, Taoist Yang Flows (as taught by Paul & Suzee Grilley) and torso anatomy.

2020 Dates: VIRTUAL - Sept. 18-20 & 25-27, 2020 - Fri. 5:30p-9:30p | Sat. & Sun. 9:00a-6:00p EST​

Lead Teacher : Michelle Finch

50hr -  Fascia, Myofascial Release and Upper Body Anatomy

$649 (virtual) / $749 (in-person)


In depth fascia study in relation to Yin Yoga, location & function major trigger & acupressure points, applying self-myofascial release both within and along side a Yin Yoga practice and upper body anatomy (shoulder to hands).

2020 Dates: VIRTUAL - Nov. 11-15, 2020 - ​Wed. thru Sun. 9:00a-6:00p EST

Lead Teacher : Michelle Finch

*This module includes a full self-myofascial release kit mailed directly to your home.

*Each course has 4-5 hours of pre-recorded material that must be watched prior to attending the live training.

^If you would like to attend the Yin-Yang Qi or Fascia modules prior to the Foundations (or skip the Foundations all together), it is required that you purchase, pre-view the Introduction to the Functional Approach videos and submit the associated required assignment prior to attending the training. If this is something you are interested in doing, please indicate that in the comments section of your application and additional details will be provided.

** For virtual trainings will be recorded and made available for 72 hours to participants that are in time zones where attending live is not a viable option. Note: If you live in the Americas (AST, EST, CST, MST or PST time zones) you are expected to attend live, if at all possible. 


What is Function Yoga?

The functional approach to yoga is an approach where we prioritize what a pose should do over how it looks. We are all unique: our skeletal structure, muscular flexibility, emotional response, mental organization and psychological inclination is all unique to each of us. Our practice should express this individuality. Instead of trying to perform a pose from the outside, copying a shape, we strive to understand what the purpose of the pose is and then adapt it's shape to our unique needs and abilities.


The Mid-West's Premier Yoga Teacher Training program is designed with everyone in mind! Whether you are just starting out on your journey as a yoga teacher, seeking to enhance your teaching skills or simply wish to develop your personal practice, our Yin Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with the tools to enrich your practice and teach authentically, grounded both in self-awareness and experiential knowledge. 

Scholarship Opportunity

In light of the global situation caused by COVID-19 and it's far reaching economic impact on so many, we are honored to be able to offer one full scholarship to a deserving individual for many of the Exalt training courses!

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Registration Deadlines:

Registration deadline is specified by each location:

For virtual training courses, deadline is 5 days prior to the onset of training.

For in-person training courses in Indiana, deadline is 7 days prior to the onset of training.

For in-person courses within the USA but outside Indiana, deadline is 30 days prior to the onset of training. 

Be advised that most courses fill up well before the registration deadline.

Your space is not guaranteed until you have applied, registered online and paid in full. 


What People Say

"Top quality, knowledgeable and skilled instruction guided me into a journey from anatomy, to sutras, teaching fundamentals, the functional approach to asana, meditation and practice. The right elements that took me to a new level of knowledge and understanding of Yin Yoga. Knowledge that I can apply to my practice. I highly recommend this training to those seeking to dive deeper in their knowledge and understanding of Yin Yoga."

— Bibianna G.


Yin Yoga Teacher Training FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Yin Yoga Teacher Training Program. If you do not find the answer to your questions here, please reach out to Michelle directly.

Q. Do I have to be a part of the 300hr program to take a Yin module?
A. No, you do not have to be enrolled in the 300hr Advanced training to attend a Yin training. The only prerequisite is that you do have take the Foundations module prior to participating in the Yin-Yang Qi or Fascia modules. All attendees of training courses, independent of the 300hr program, will receive a certificate for the applicable hours of CEU that may be submitted to Yoga Alliance for credit.

Q. Do I have to take all of the modules to be certified to teach Yin?
A. Absolutely not. You may take just the Foundations module and be fully prepared to teach Yin. However, taking all three modules offers a well-rounded learning experience anatomically & on common topics associated with Yin Yoga such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chakras, Fascia & Myofascial Release and so on. 

Q. For virtual training courses, do I have to attend live?
A. While I believe you will have the most fruitful experience attending live, I will be recording every session and making each day's recording available for 72 hours to participants that are perhaps in time zones that attending live is not available. NOTE: If you live in the Americas in the AST, EST, CST, MST or PST time zones, live participation is expected. 

Q. How do virtual courses qualify with Yoga Alliance?
A. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual courses offered through December 2020 can and will count as contact hours with Yoga Alliance (YA) and applied toward the Exalt Yoga 300hr certification program, if desired. Any virtual course attended after this date would only count toward 20 hours of non-contact continued education hours and would not qualify toward the completion of the Exalt Yoga 300hr certification program, unless YA specifies otherwise. This is a fluid situation and is subject to change according to the guideance of Yoga Alliance. 

Q. Do I have to be a certified yoga teacher to attend?
A. Plain and simple, no. This training is designed for senior teachers and beginners alike. However, I do kindy ask that non-certified participants have at least two years of experience with yoga and a basic understanding of anatomy (this can be achieved by reviewing The Concise Book of Muscles book prior to attending) before committing to attend the training. 

Q. If I want to take all three modules, do I have to take them all in a one year or in a specific order?
A. No. However, the Foundations module is strongly encouraged to be taken prior to the Yin-Yang Qi or the Fascia modules. If you prefer to skip the Foundations module to go straight into the Yin-Yang or Fascia modules, it is required to purchase, pre-view the Introduction to the Functional Approach video and complete the required assignment prior to the onset of the training for which you are enrolled. 

Q. Do I have to attend all modules at the same location or within a certain timeline?
A. Nope. You may attend training courses at any location and on any timeline that suits you.

Q. If I want to attend more than one training, do I have to register for all at one time or can I sign up for them one at a time?
A. I understand that your time and resources are precious. Therefore you are more than welcome to register for them one at a time or all at once, whatever fits your needs best. 

Q. What are the required materials for this course?
A.  Each module has recorded mini course(s) that are required for you to view prior to the onset of training. A link to these courses will be sent with your application acceptance letter. Additionally, it is recommended (not required) that you review The Concise Book of Muscles (4th ed.) by Jarmey & Sharkey, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga (2nd ed.) by Bernie Clark for the Foundations module. The Yin-Yang Qi module has the required reading of the The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energy Anatomy by Cyndi Dale. The Fascia & Myofascial Release module has the required reading of Fascia: What it is & Why it Matters by David Lesondak and a recommended read of The Roll Model by Jill Miller.

Q. Will these training courses be offered in future years?
A. Absolutely! Exalt is offering 8-10 Yin training courses throughout the mid-west every year! You have plenty of on-going opportunities to learn and grow with Exalt!

Q. Where is the training located?
A. Various locations throughout the mid-west USA:

Zoom - Online Platform

kOMpose Yoga - 6201 Winthrop Ave Indianapolis, IN 46220

Yoga Life Michigan - 2629 Cleveland Ave Saint Joseph, MI 49085

Kai Yoga Studio - 1 S Central Ave Fairborn, OH 45324

Q. When are the YYTT registration deadlines?
A. For virtual courses, the deadline is 5 days prior to the onset of training. For in-person courses, it varies by location. In Indianapolis, the deadline is 7 days prior to the onset of each training. Outside of Indianapolis, but within the US, registration deadlines are 15 days prior to the onset of the training. Outside of the US, 60 days prior. 

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