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About Michelle

Michelle Finch, assistant to Paul & Suzee Grilley is based out of Indianapolis, IN USA. She believes in the power of a practice rooted deeply in the fundamentals & mindfulness. Michelle genuinely embraces the notion that an open heart & mind coupled with the alignment of body & breath can be profoundly healing to the mind, body & spirit of every practitioner. Whether attending her Yin classes, various workshops or teacher training courses, you will find the experience to be powerful & moving for the entirety of your being. Her lighthearted, yet nurturing approach to teaching is guaranteed to elevate your spirit and place a lasting smile on your face.

Michelle was first introduced to the practice of yoga in 2003 while attending Nikki Myers’ college-level course. Although it took eight years for these teachings to truly sink in for her, looking back she can see this foundation, laid in her early 20’s, provided the stepping off point for her to realize the multitude of benefits yoga offers, both on & off the mat. Having personally felt its healing qualities, the rounded practice of yoga has aided

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Michelle in losing a great deal of weight, relieving her disease of anxiety & depression, as well as overcoming a personal battle with addiction. After nearly 10 years in corporate human resources, she found herself being called away from the business world & in 2012 made the decision to re-dedicate her life to the path of yoga & has not looked back.

Michelle is a dedicated student of Yin Yoga as well as the teachings of meditation, mindfulness & anatomy. She has devoted herself to absorbing the vast amount of knowledge from her many master teachers over the years. As a registered yoga teacher at the ERYT-500 hour level, she has completed over 1,200 hours of training in Yin & mediation with Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Jo Phee & Joe Barnett in addition to nearly 800 hours in various other forms of yoga including Chair & Accessible Yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa with various esteemed teachers. In addition to her yogic training, Michelle is fascinated by the human body and has learned from great anatomy teachers such as Paul Grilley, Gil Hedley & John Sharkey about the inner workings of the body.


Michelle loves to travel and share her teachings everywhere she goes! She has taught various classes, workshops and trainings throughout the US and in five different countries. It is her plan to share her continually expanding knowledge, gathered from her many international teachers, with as many students throughout the mid-west as possible. If you’re interested in hosting Michelle at your studio, reach out to her directly via our contact page!

When not teaching, Michelle spends her time outdoors (cycling, hiking, kayaking, etc.), traveling, enjoying time with her friends/family & sharing the beautiful journey of life with her husband, DJ & fur babies, Arya & Yori.

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