Online Yoga

On-Demand Classes

Zoom Class Recordings

Did you know there is an ever-growing library of many of Michelle's weekly Yin classes? Offered on a sliding scale basis, you can access her classes at an affordable rate when it is convenient for your schedule!

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Pre-Recorded Vinyasa Classes

In addition to Yin, Ahna Hoke offers the occassional functionally based vinyasa class. Her approach to teaching is accessible to all levels of practice and will instill a renewed sense of curiosity into you practice.

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Pre-Recorded Yin Classes

Offering high quality, prerecorded classes of various lengths to suit you needs! These classes are updated regularly. So make sure you check back often!

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Myofascial Release & Myo-Yin

Ever wanted to try Myofascial Release and/or Myo-Yin? Now you can, in your own time! Offering recordings of the live Zoom MFR and Myo-Yin workshops so you can give yourself a massage any time you like!

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