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About Us

About Us

Michelle Finch
Functional Yin
Chair Yin
Myofascial Release

It is my mission to offer a high quality yoga experience that is inclusive to all, whether through my classes, workshops or trainings. By teaching via the functional approach, the yoga asana practice is accessible to all bodies and not just the typical yoga body. By offering affordable courses, knowledge is available to as many people as possible and not just the privileged.

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Michelle Finch

Since 2012 Michelle has been a dedicated student of Yin yoga as well as the philosophical teachings of yoga and the practices of meditation and mindfulness. Over the years, she has devoted thousands of hours to absorbing the vast amount of wisdom from her primary master teachers, Paul and Suzee Grilley (Yin yoga, anatomy & yogic philosophy) and Jennifer Welwood (psycho-spiritual transformation & meditation). She considers herself on a lifelong journey of becoming, through the continual process of unlearning, learning and unlearning again.



Michelle stepped into an extended sabbatical from teaching live classes and training courses, beginning in August of 2023. In her absence, you are invited to visit the Exalt Yoga online library where you will find a variety of on-demand classes, workshops and 1.5-50 hour training courses. Click here to learn more. She is still accessible via the chat box and email. So, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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